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New Flood/Storm Siren is here!

siren Detail News :

The City of Leon Valley’s new early flood/storm siren is scheduled to be installed at the Public Works building at 6429 Evers Rd. on March 9
th, 2017. This new siren system is provided in part through an approved grant from the Texas Water Development Board, and will better notify residents that live near the park of impending flooding or of other severe weather. This project will work in conjunction with and also update the existing siren (located along El Verde Rd.), and be more efficient by adding a remote activation feature. This feature allows Leon Valley’s Firefighters and Police Officers to activate both sirens remotely, while in the field.

We will continue to use reverse 9-11, social media, and any other means available to communicate a hazard to the community. This system is intended to get your attention, and wake you if you are sleeping so that you can take necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.

New Flood Siren CoverageThe illustration attached shows the sound coverage related to decibels. The new siren (in red, at center of top illustration) will carry sound better in Forest Oaks, Canterfield, Grass Valley, Pavona Place, and Evening Sun areas of the City.

As always, our siren system will be tested at 12 Noon on the first Wednesday of each month. The sirens will NOT be tested if it is raining, because we do not want to cause confusion. This new system is very loud and is expected to be much more audible. Please visit our web page for additional information about storm warning;

Thank you, and stay safe!