Update - Evers Road Low Water Crossing Reconstruction

As everyone in the area is aware, the old low water crossing over Huebner Creek on Evers Road has been completely demolished. The new crossing will be a bridge type structure, with ten new 10’ x 6’ box culverts. The contractor plans on starting the construction of the footings for this structure this coming Saturday, or next Monday morning at the latest. They are finishing up the repositioning of the sewer main this week.

We did experience several conflicts in the past month, one being the discovery of an old abandoned sewer main found under the location of the planned bridge footers and another with the gas mains being set too shallow. The sewer main was cut and is being moved out of the way and capped, and the gas contractor will be back out in about a week to reposition the mains. These conflicts resulted in a delay of the project by about two weeks. Please keep in mind that this is a bridge over a creek and the spring rains and potential flooding may delay the project even longer. The construction should be complete by mid-July, again, weather permitting.

When completed, the roadway will be safer, the bridge will remain open through most of our flood events, and our Firemen and Public Works employees won’t have to worry so much or spend so much time on closing and opening the road. As a bonus, the bridge itself will have an attractive rock veneer and, and will have wider sidewalks for our very active handicapped citizens. The decorative railings will be lit along the entire length of the bridge and medallions depicting our military forces will be placed on each railing cover. A new pedestrian crosswalk will be installed at the library, complete with roadway lighting.

We can’t emphasize enough that this was an extremely urgent project, that this addresses the most common of our flooding events, and that we are truly sorry for any inconvenience this project may cause. A depiction of the new bridge can be viewed on our website at Thank you for your patience and understanding while we strive to make this a safer roadway! For questions or comments about this project, please feel free to contact Public Works Director Melinda Moritz, at (210) 681-1232 or by email at