New Interactive Playgrounds!!

We are excited to announce that our newest parks – one being the Old Mill Park at 6501 Huebner Road and the other being the Silo Park at 7510 Huebner Road – are being developed with interactive playscapes! Residents can bring their children to these parks and download the web application “Biba” on their phones. This application provides games and activities that will interact with the play equipment and requires that the kids spend 90% of their time in activities and only 10% interacting with the phone. Their research has shown that kids in a Biba-powered playground will play longer, harder, and much more often. To learn more about the Biba application, please visit their website at or download their application from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your phone.

 In addition to the playscapes, each park will have outdoor fitness equipment, picnic shelters, walking paths, benches, recycling bins, and dinosaur shaped bike racks. These new pocket parks were designed with the intention of serving the neighborhoods immediately surrounding each park, as Raymond Rimkus Park must be accessed by vehicles for most of our residents, so these areas provide easily accessible and much needed recreational opportunities. The parks should be completed by mid-summer of 2018.

One final pocket park, the Ridge at Leon Valley, located at 5740 Grass Hill Drive, is in the process of being developed and we hope to have it completed by this time next year. It too will feature the Biba interactivity, along with all the other amenities. Let the adventures begin!!

Old mill
Old Mill Park Playscape being constructed

Silo Park
Silo Park Playscape Under Construction