Ozone Action Day in effect for August 1, 2018

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has notified Alamo Area Council of Governments that an Ozone Action Day is in effect for tomorrow: Wednesday, August 1, 2018. This is an orange-level alert, which means that air quality is predicted to be unhealthy for individuals with lung ailments such as asthma and emphysema, for young children whose lungs are still developing, and for those who work or exercise outside for extended periods of time. People in sensitive groups are advised to avoid prolonged exposure by minimizing exertion outdoors during the mid-day to early evening hours or by staying indoors in air-conditioning during this time. No outdoor burning should be conducted through tomorrow (contact the TCEQ for information on State burning policy). Whether at work or at home, you can improve air quality year-round by doing the following: • Avoid drive-through lanes; park and go inside to conduct your business. • Drive the speed limit or less--driving at slower speeds uses less fuel. • Drive less. Walk or bicycle, postpone or combine errands, and/or pre-plan to minimize trips. • Share a ride to work or school (for information, visit 
Commute Solutions). • Use teleconferencing instead of driving to meetings or bundle meetings together. • Try to avoid morning rush hour; ask your employer about flex-schedules, telecommuting, or compressed workweeks. • Take your lunch to work or school . • Keep your vehicles well-maintained to reduce tailpipe emissions. • Refuel your vehicle after 6 p.m. • Postpone landscaping work using small gasoline engines until after 6 p.m. • Turn up your thermostat to decrease power usage.  Pollution levels and forecasts are posted daily at Air Now.