Evers Road Bridge Update


As you can see, the first course of asphalt has been installed on Evers Road at the new bridge. This was accomplished this past Saturday, instead of the week prior as we had hoped, due to a SAWS water main break. The main break caused heavy flooding at the work site and the contractor had to wait until the roadway dried up. The extreme summer heat is always a threat to the old mains, due to shrink and swell of the clay soils, and this area has a lot o
f mains below the surface. The contractor will now construct the remaining curbs, then the next courses of asphalt will be laid. As of this afternoon, the forms have been taken off the newly constructed curbs, so the remaining asphalt should be coming soon! The asphalt will be laid in lifts, and each lift rolled and tested, until the final course is down and has had enough time to cure. Once that happens, the roadway will be opened to through traffic. The contractor will have to close portions of lanes while the bridge railings, pedestrian crossing lights, and street lights are installed, but these closures will be short in length and duration. The goal is to have the bridge opened by August 20th, so that the roadway is open for school traffic and VIA is able to consider their bus stops along that route as permanent again. As always, this project is weather – and now water main break – dependent.