Leon Valley Press Release: San Antonio Aquarium

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The Leon Valley Fire Department temporarily shut down the San Antonio Aquarium this morning just before noon.   Officials cited unsecure propane tanks and heaters in unvented enclosures which creates immediate potential for carbon monoxide and flammable gas build up, a hazardous gas main tap, blocked or inappropriate emergency exits and non code compliant hazardous electrical wiring as their reasons. 

Leon Valley Fire Chief Michael Naughton made the decision to issue a cease and desist order effective immediately.   City Manager Kelly Kuenstler stated that “it is the city’s primary role to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens and those that visit the city”.  She stated that “Naughton’s well documented concerns for any occupants were considered immediate life safety issues; therefore, the City acted “.

A press conference was held at 2 pm at the Leon Valley City Council Chambers regarding this situation.