Algae Bloom in Huebner Creek

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There is an algae bloom in Huebner Creek, between the new bridge and the creek crossing by the small parking lot - the City of Leon Valley is working on a solution. 
Because the grading of the creek in this area is now so flat, the water does not run off as it used to. In addition, there is a very small culvert under the path that has blocked up over time. Our crew will be cutting a v-shaped culvert down the crossing and then will install a grate over the top to allow for pedestrians and wheelchairs. This will allow the water to flow past the path and dry up the creek. Meanwhile, we will be placing mosquito biscuits in the area that has standing water.
This is a public service message and neither the staff nor the city council are able to respond. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Public Works at 681-1232.
Thanks to all who engage with the City, offer suggestions and participate to ensure we continue to make Leon Valley a better place to live!
-Kelly Kuenstler, City Manager