Roadwork- Fiber Project in ROW @ Bandera/Eckhert

7625 Bandera Rd (003)

Please be aware the City of San Antonio will begin underground fiber work along Eckhert from Bandera to Huebner and ending on Babcock beginning 8/15/19 through 12/16/19. The Right of Way project sheet indicates sidewalk closures, with the possibility of lane closures. This all takes place in the City of San Antonio's right of way - just a friendly notice to the Leon Valley residents.  
Within COSA ROW start path at 7526 Bandera Rd and extend approximately 4061 ft to the Northeast, on the Northwest side of Eckhert RD.  Then extend approximately 82 Ft to the East, crossing Eckhert Rd.  Then extend approximately 5468ft to the NE, along the South side of Eckhert Rd. From this point, continue path crossing Eckhert Rd and extend NE, along the NW side of Huebner Rd, for approximately 1815ft. Then, cross to the SE side of Huebner Rd for about 83', and continue path on Huebner Rd, going NE along the SE side for approximately 326 Ft, cross back from the SW corner of Huebner Rd/Babcock Rd to the NW corner of Babcock Rd/Huebner Rd for about 296', ending path at the 5826 Babcock Rd. Estimated total Ft 12,131'