Street Maintenance Program

City of Leon Valley
Street Maintenance Program
In 2013, the citizens of Leon Valley voted to continue to collect Street Maintenance sales taxes. That means that monies collected from this tax would continue for another ten years, allowing the City to perform street maintenance without having to use or raise property taxes for the General Fund for this work, which can be very expensive.

In 2016 and 2017, the City performed a street ranking study to determine the condition of our streets. MicroPaver software was purchased and an engineer was engaged to drive each street and “rank” its condition, based on previous history, soil type, roughness of pavement surface, base failures, cracking, alligatoring, rutting, and overall curb height. Each street received a rank between 100 (excellent) and 0 (failure) and was placed in a plan, based on that condition. It is the City’s goal to keep good streets good and to perform heavier maintenance on streets that fall below the threshold of a 60 or lower. The plan also included placing streets that ranked lower than 30 on a complete rehabilitation list, which would require careful City Council planning in budgeting. Fortunately, no street ranked lower than a 46 on the scale, so all streets can be addressed through the City’s Street Maintenance Tax Fund, instead of the General Fund.

The City has already completed Years 1 and 2 of the plan and will start the process for advertising for bids on Year 3. This year, we will also re-rank the streets by the use of digital video data collection. This technology removes the subjective nature of pavement condition data collection and will also allow us to collect other data, such as the conditions of signs, drainage structures, curbs, sidewalks, and pavement installed traffic devices. The types of street maintenance include:

59 to 46 needs H-MO                      $6.80 sq. ft.
H-MO = heavy mill & overlay (35% base failure)

74 to 60 needs M-MO                      $5.60 sq. ft
M-MO = medium mill & overlay (25% base failure)

89 to 75 needs S-SL                       $0.51 sq. ft.
S-SL = slight base repair with slurry seal (10% base failure)

100 to 90 needs CS                        $0.07 sq. ft.
CS – crack seal only

For more information about our streets and where your street falls in this list, please visit the City website at