Citywide Pavement Condition Assessment Project Coming Soon!


The City of Leon Valley has contracted with The ARRB Group, Inc. (ARRB) to perform a citywide pavement condition assessment and inspection project, to be completed between December 1, 2019 and January of 2020. Using advanced pavement condition testing equipment, our contractor, ARRB, will gather pavement condition data on all City maintained roadways. The city will use this data to identify the streets most in need of repairs to update our multi-year paving and preservation plan.

Everyday traffic and weather have a significant impact on our roads; reassessing and measuring pavement conditions every year helps us avoid bigger issues on our roadway network down the line. This project with ARRB will help us make data-driven decisions when planning the city’s roadway maintenance.

“Pavement is probably the most valuable asset a city owns, and ARRB is proud to help Leon Valley proactively protect it,” said Jerry Daleiden, Principal Engineer with ARRB. “Our team has many years of local and global experience and thousands of inspected miles under our belts. We look forward to using that expertise to help Leon Valley collect accurate pavement condition data.”

Citizens can expect to see an ARRB van equipped with specialized technology that measures the roadway surface condition traveling the city’s 43 miles of streets. Once the condition data is collected and analyzed, it will be loaded into the City’s pavement management system. Drivers and pedestrians need not worry about safety, as the ARRB van will follow all posted traffic signs and display a warning beacon. 

The data collection project schedule is subject to change due to timing of other utility projects, weather, special events, and any unforeseen circumstances. For more information, please call Public Works at (21) 681-1232 or email

About ARRB Group, Inc.:
ARRB Group, Inc. (ARRB) is a roadway and pavement infrastructure condition data collection company whose primary focus is the use of proven and advanced technologies to efficiently collect accurate and actionable pavement and roadway infrastructure data. ARRB has provided pavement and roadway condition evaluation services for numerous clients at the local, municipal, State, Federal, and International level. ARRB uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified and licensed engineers to meet the needs and work with clients to achieve their roadway evaluation goals.  For more information, please visit .