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Animal Nuisance

Animal Care and Control is overseen by a certified Animal Control Officer for the City of Leon Valley. The goal of the Animal Control Division is to keep the Leon Valley community and its pets/animals safe against rabies and other diseases communicated by animals to humans. Leon Valley Animal Control addresses dangers and nuisances that are caused when animals are homeless, unrestrained, neglected, or abused.

Please note that wildlife should be left alone. If you are concerned with critters in your area be sure all garbage containers are securely sealed, do not leave your pet’s food outdoors for an extended period of time, remove bird and/or squirrel feeds, and seal any holes that could allow access to your garbage, house, attic, or porch.

Animal Control will only relocate healthy wildlife in accordance with State law to an area that can sustain wildlife with natural sources of water, food, and shelter.

If you have any questions or issues that need to be reported in regards to animal nuisance you can submit a ticket online or call (210) 684-OnIt.


Commonly asked topics

  • Animals at Large – Should the pet owner not be found the pets are taken to the veterinary; should the pet owner be contacted all cost must be paid prior to the release of the pet and a citation is issued for allowing a pet to be at large.
  • Animal Traps – Citizens may borrow traps for animals other than dogs. We do advise that cats need to be taken to the Humane Society and all other animals must be released in the natural area
  • Dead Animals – Removed immediately by the City unless it’s a deer (Waste Management)
  • Animal Waste is to be picked up by pet owners or handlers both on public and private property, promptly and in a sanitary manner see: