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Unkempt Properties

Operating out of the Office of the City Secretary, the main function of Code Enforcement is to ensure that all city and state laws are upheld, in an effort to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all citizens within the City of Leon Valley. Focus area within Code Enforcement include illegal/abandoned signs, vacant lots and alleys, high weeds and grass, city property and right-of-way violations, illegal dumping, broken or dilapidated fences, and building permit and certificate of occupancy violations.

If you have any questions or issues that need to be reported in regards to unkempt properties you can submit a ticket online or call (210) 684-OnIt.

Commonly asked topics

  • Bandit Signs – Signs are removed by the City immediately
  • High Weeds – 10 days’ notice is given to comply
  • Graffiti – Removed by City if on cable boxes, poles, stop-signs (city right-of-way); 10 days’ notice is given if on private property.
  • Trash and Debris – 10 days’ notice is given to comply
  • Vacant Lots – 30 days’ notice is given to comply
  • Right-of-way Obstructions – 0 hours’ notice is given; there must be clear access to City right-of-ways at all times.