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Code of Ordinances

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Home Rule Charter
Uncodified Ordinances

City of Leon Valley Code

Chapter 1: General Provisions
This Chapter provides for the general provisions for adoption of the Code of Ordinances, general code definitions, and general penalties for violations of the Code, rules for elections, defines duties of Council, the City Manager, the City Secretary, regulates parades and block parties, establishes the Zoning Commission, the Library Board of Trustees, the Park Commission and other Committees, provides for policies for Leon Valley park use, and provides policies for City purchasing, returned check charges, and payment of bills and billing.

Chapter 2: Animal Control
This Chapter regulates domestic and exotic animals within the city limits. It details how many animals can be kept, where and in what manner they are to be kept, and prohibits animals from running at large in the City. It prescribes procedures for animal impoundment, area rabies quarantine and regulates licensing of animals. This code is enforced through the Office of the City Secretary by the Animal Control Officer.

Chapter 3: Building Regulations
This Chapter adopts: the 2015 edition of the International Building Code and its subsequent changes and supplements, with certain deletions and exceptions, the International Residential Code for one- and two-Family dwellings, and the 2014 National Electrical Code & the 2015 International Mechanical Code, Energy Conservation Code, and Plumbing Codes and all subsequent supplements and changes in and to said edition for each of those four codes. This Chapter also provides rules for: technical and construction codes, sign regulations, flood damage prevention and flood plain administration, fences and swimming pools, streets and sidewalk construction, curb cuts, manufactured homes, moving buildings, and building address numbers. This code is enforced through the Community Development Department by the Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer.

Chapter 4: Business Regulations
This Chapter provides for policies for the City for alcoholic beverage control, franchises, burglar alarms, peddlers and soliciting in the city, garage sales, car washes, adult entertainment establishments, and cable TV regulations.  This Code is enforced through the Community Development Department by the Code Enforcement Officer, and through the Leon Valley Police Department.

Chapter 5: Fire Prevention and Protection
This chapter creates the Fire Department, defines the duties of the Fire Marshal, adopts the  2006 edition of the International Fire Code as published by the International Code Council, provides rules for outdoor burning and fire lanes, prohibits wood shake shingles as a roof covering, provides for rewards for information that leads to conviction of arson.  This Chapter is primarily enforced by the Fire Department, Fire Marshal, and the Deputy Fire Marshal.

Chapter 6: Health and Sanitation
This Chapter adopts a sanitary code, incorporates the state sanitary regulations, adopts stands from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Division of Food and Drugs, Retail Food Store Sanitation Code, 1985 Edition, provides for inspections in food service establishments, requires appointment of Health and Sanitation Officer, requires licensing with fees, adopts the City of San Antonio’s rodent control ordinance, prohibits persons with contagious diseases from working and handling food products, and requires personal hygiene of food product workers. It also addresses weeds, smoking regulations, high grass and debris removal and emergency ambulance service in the City. This code is enforced through the Community Development Department by the Health Officer, the Code Enforcement Officer, and by the Leon Valley Fire Department.

Chapter 7: Municipal Court
This Chapter defines the duties and responsibilities of the municipal court judge, prosecutor and court clerk and provides for the imprisonment for default of payment of court fines.  This Chapter is enforced by the Municipal Court and the Leon Valley Police Department.

Chapter 8: Offenses and Nuisances
This Chapter addresses curfews for minors, graffiti abatement, explosives, firearms, and fireworks, junked vehicles, noise and sound level regulations.  It also addresses drains and drainage easements and unlawful acts such as throwing trash, fencing in an easement, and dumping in an easement or any open drains.  This Chapter is enforced by the Leon Valley Police Department and the Code Enforcement Officers.

Chapter 9: Personnel
This Chapter provides for the continuation of employee and employer participation in the Social Security program and the Texas Municipal Retirement System, adopts a substance abuse policy for a drug free workplace, and creates the Leon Valley Police Department.  This Chapter is enforced by the City Manager and his/her designees and the Leon Valley Police Department.

Chapter 10: Subdivision Regulations
This Chapter provides regulations to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Leon Valley by promoting good planning and construction practice; it is administered to  ensure orderly growth and development and shall supplement and facilitate the provisions in the master or comprehensive plan, zoning chapter, official maps and capital budget of the city; and address park land dedication to provide recreational areas for the citizens of the community. This code regulates the creation, amendment and vacation of plats. It also regulates the construction of all public improvements such as water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, streets, sidewalks, curbs, and easements. It prescribes performance guarantees and a specific layout of the plat itself. This Chapter is enforced by the City Engineers, Community Development Department and the Public Works Department.

Chapter 11: Taxation
This Chapter authorizes the Bexar County Tax Collector to collect taxes for the City of Leon Valley. It prescribes tax assessment of all properties in Leon Valley, provides taxation for telecommunication services, taxation on gas and electricity sales for residential use, prescribes a tax rate, and authorizes collection of hotel occupancy tax. This code is enforced through the City Council and Administration Office, by the City Secretary and the City Accountant.

Chapter 12: Traffic and Vehicles
This Chapter authorizes the officers of the Leon Valley Police Department to enforce all traffic provisions in the City, regulates truck traffic, hazardous material routes, parking zones, school crossing zones, speed limits, intersections for stop signs and yield signs and dual left turn land intersections.  This chapter is enforced by the Leon Valley Police Department.

Chapter 13: Tree Preservation
It is the policy of the City to preserve existing trees and habitat to the greatest extent possible. This Chapter is enforced through Community Development and Code Enforcement.

Chapter 14: Utilities
This Chapter addresses solid waste collection, private water wells and water service, sewers, discharge and disposal of waste, stormwater management, telecommunications, utility construction permits, utility easements, water conservation and drought management regulations.  This Chapter is enforced by the Community Development Staff, Public Works Department, and the Leon Valley Police Department.

Chapter 15: Zoning
This Chapter regulates zoning issues in Leon Valley. It prescribes certain zoning districts, regulations for those districts, creates a Zoning Commission and a Board of Adjustment, and provides for relief through the Board of Adjustment. This code is enforced through the Community Development Department through the Zoning Administrator.

Appendix A: Fee Schedule
This Appendix provides a comprehensive index of fees and charges for licenses, permits, inspections, certificates, appeals, services, and other official actions.