Floodplain Management

Rebuild and Restore

Rebuild and Restore

Flood-repair Permits

If your property is damaged by the flooding, complete the appropriate Building Permit application before visiting the Planning & Zoning Department in-person at City Hall at 6400 El Verde.

Repairing your Flooded Home

FEMA and the Red Cross have prepared a handbook that has been designed to give you a step-by-step guide that you can use to clean-up, and rebuild your home after a flood. Please familiarize yourself with the “Flood Safety Guidelines” prior to downloading the Repairing Your Flooded Home Handbook

Permit Requirements

A City of Leon Valley permit and inspection is required for projects that affect the structure of a building or its electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems. A permit is not required for drywall repairs or carpet replacements.

Before beginning any flood-related projects for your property, contact Leon Valley’s Planning & Zoning Department to determine if a building permit is required. Email m.naughton@leonvalleytexas.gov or visit Planning & Zoning Department or stop by in-person at City Hall at 6400 El Verde.

Any modifications or improvements to protect private property must not adversely impact adjacent properties and must comply with all adopted building codes, design and construction standards, and land use regulations.


Qualified maintenance staff or professional contractors Registered with the City of Leon Valley must complete many of the projects that require a city permit. Visit the Contractor Business Registry for lists of city-licensed professionals.