Planning & Zoning

Platting & Zoning

The City of Leon Valley requires that prior to any development; a tract of land must be properly platted with an assigned lot number.  Platting includes site features such as utility easements, sidewalks, curbs, fire protection, minimum lot area according to zoning district, elevations, access to public streets, notations regarding floodplain if applicable, drainage, retention and storm water management plans, and approvals from municipal officials and participating utility partners.  Please note that building over lot lines is prohibited. If the site in question is one and a half or more platted lots you may be required to replat the lots before Building Permit Application consideration.

Generally, the platting/replatting process takes 30-45 days depending on the quality and content of the submittal. A Registered Land Surveyor or a Professional Engineer will need to be acquired to prepare and submit the plat on your behalf.

Zoning is a restriction on the way that land can be used. It allows the City to control the development of the community. Without zoning, for example, a gun store could open up next to a school. Zoning prevents incompatible uses from occurring and in doing so; it protects property values and ensures community's work in an orderly fashion. 

To request that a tract of land be rezoned to a district that will accommodate your use you must apply for rezoning.  After filling out and submitting the Zoning Application, fees and supporting documents, you request will be reviewed by City Officials.  Your request will be reviewed in comparison to the City’s Master Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Overlays to assure that what you are requesting is consistent and compatible with the recommended zoning for the area.  After careful review, the request is forwarded to one (1) of two (2) public hearings scheduled before the Zoning Commission. The Zoning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council regarding your request.  At the second public hearing the City Council will consider your request. Please note that public notices are mailed to property owners within 200-feet of the subject site as is required by law.

This process takes 30-35 days.  If at the end of the process your request is denied, application cannot be made again for six (6) months.