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Flood Warning System

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For the full Flood Emergency Response Plan click here.

This map identifies the primary emergency shelter safe routes for the City of Leon Valley. 
This link identifies road closures for the City of Leon Valley and in Bexar County. 

Leon Valley has a siren warning system in order to notify residents of flooding. The siren is located in the Jeff Loop/El Verde Road are additional sirens may be installed in other areas of the City. The siren is maintained by Leon Valley Fire Department, and is controlled by emergency dispatchers in the Communications Center.

Siren Sound Clips:

When there is a threat of possible flooding. The flood siren will sound a 90-second rise/fall signal:
Actions - Begin preparations for evacuation if you live in a flood-prone area. People with disabilities or special needs should consider calling family or other helpers immediately, so they will be ready to assist if evacuation becomes necessary. Monitor National Weather Service broadcasts, or listen to news on radio or television. Pets should be prepared (placed in carriers) for possible evacuation. Do not drive your vehicle into flooded low water crossings or streets. Vehicles caught in rising water can be swept away and should be abandoned quickly. Move to higher ground.

When there is imminent flooding. The flood siren will sound a steady signal for three minutes:
Actions - Act Now! Evacuate if you live in a flood-prone area. Go stay with family or friends, or go to a safe place out of flood danger and let your family and friends know where you are. If you have no place to go, you may go to a local shelter. Predetermined shelter locations will be opened as soon as possible. Shelter locations are:

  • John Marshall High School, 8000 Lobo Lane, Leon Valley, TX 78238
  • St. John Baptist Church, 6800 Evers Road, Leon Valley, TX 78240
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 7420 Huebner Road, Leon Valley, TX, 78238
  • Additional shelters may be opened in the area based on severity of the event

Evacuated areas will remain closed to vehicles and residents until it is safe to open them. Additional Police patrols will be established in evacuated areas to safeguard property.

When the sirens stop sounding it does not mean the danger has passed. Leon Valley is prone to flash flooding, and floodwater may rise again quickly and unexpectedly. Stay alert for additional flood watch and siren warning signals.

The siren is tested on the first Wednesday of every month at noon, weather permitting.
The siren is not tested during potential bad weather to avoid confusion. During this test, the siren is sounded for approximately 1 minute. For more information on the flood warning system and the siren, contact Leon Valley Fire Department at (210) 684-3219.

Flood Barricades
Flood barricades and gates are pre-installed on Evers Road and Poss Road in Leon Valley so they are ready to use during a flash flood. During a flood event Police, Fire or Public Works personnel close and lock these barricades to prevent motorists from driving into hazardous floodwater.

Motorists should not attempt to defeat these barricades, because they prevent unnecessary loss of life and risk to rescuers who have to attempt to rescue stranded motorists in the floodwater. Any problems with flood barricades or gates should be reported immediately to the Police Department.

Remember, as little as one foot of water over a roadway is enough to float some vehicles -
Turn Around, Don’t' Drown.