Uniform Patrol Officers

The Patrol Division includes sworn officers who respond to calls for public service, uphold the law, protect citizen’s rights, protect the peace, deter crime and protect the public. The officers of the Patrol Division provide a highly visible police presence in the community, respond to emergency calls for service, and enforce local, state and federal laws. The men and women of the Patrol Division promote a spirit of cooperation and partnership with our community, working closely with the citizens to resolve disputes and deter crime. Most of our officers exceed the law enforcement requirements established by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, including certifications in Crisis Intervention Training, De-escalation Techniques, multiple Less-Lethal Options, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Crime Prevention, Active Shooter, National Incident Management System, and all aspects of Community Relations. Our officers take pride in working closely with the community, by volunteering at schools, special events, and fundraisers. Their desire to give back to the community is the hallmark of our success in Leon Valley.

Patrol Vehicle in front of CityHall