Proposed Capital Facility Projects

Forest Oaks Community Pool

Background - Forest Oaks Community Pool Facility
Pool 1The Forest Oaks Community Pool facility and concrete deck areas are not ADA compliant & need to be brought into compliance. 

  • Forest Oaks Pool facility is not ADA compliant in any portion of the building, made of CMU block walls with brick veneer, not easy to bring into compliance
  • Also has old wiring and plumbing, uses too much energy, is outdated, and the pool needs replastering
  • Almost entire patio area is out of ADA compliance – built to drain water & has too much slope
  • Estimated to remodel existing facility and patio area approximately:  $900,000 to $1,000,000
  • Estimated to demolish, construct new prefabricated building, correct patio areas, replaster pool $482,000
Restroom 1 Restroom 2 Pool 3

Pool 2 Pool 4

Alternatives - Forest Oaks Community Pool Facility
Alt 5

  • Demolish structure & baby pool, add new prefab building, correct concrete deck areas, replaster existing pool, add small splash pad, repair parking area, replace back fence, add shade covers
  • Demolish building, plaster pool, add pre-fab building, concrete deck removal & replacement $381,000
  • Demo baby pool and add small splash pad $190,000
  • Parking lot repairs, trash enclosure $ 30,000
  • Back deck shade covers $ 40,000
  • Concrete fence along Evers Road $ 25,000
  • Engineering, etc. $110,687
  • Total $761,787
Alt 3 Alt 2
Alt 4 Alt 1