Proposed Capital Facility Projects

Leon Valley Community Pool

Background - Leon Valley Community Pool FacilityArea View PoolLeon Valley Community Pool facility concession, restrooms, and a portion of patio not in compliance with ADA
  • Building, concrete deck areas, and parking lot are outdated and not ADA compliant;
  • Building and pool are costing more and more each year in maintenance and utilities;
    • The pool needs replastering now;
  • The estimated cost to remodel the existing building and concrete deck areas is $150,000 - $180,000, and the pool replastering would be $82,000, a total of $262,000.

Side View Pool House
Front View Pool House
Alternatives - Leon Valley Community Pool FacilityAlt Pool ImageCould demolish structure and pool, then reconfigure entire site, including the vacant lot at Peachtree/Poss.
Cost estimates:
  • Pool area – demolition, new pool, buildings, patio, fencing, lighting, landscape, irrigation = $2,500,000
  • Splashpad  = $750,000
  • Parking lot = $255,000
  • Engineering, additional services = $595,850
  • Total = $4,100,850