Proposed Capital Facility Projects

Raymond Rimkus Park Restroom

Background - Raymond Rimkus Park Restrooms
Old Restroom 1 Old Restroom 25
Old Restroom 4 Old Restroom 5

Discuss funding for possible renovation or replacement of the Raymond Rimkus Park restroom adjacent to the large playground to comply with ADA requirements and modifications to the ADA compliant restroom.
Can the non-ADA restroom remain as is?
  • Both playgrounds have restrooms
  • Code states that if the City has two facilities that are exactly the same, only one must be ADA compliant
  • The non-compliant facility must have directional signs leading to the compliant restroom
  • Large playground has more amenities than a small playground but has the non-ADA restroom
  • Distance from the large playground and large pavilion to this facility is over ¼ mile (longer for the large pavilion)
  • The area also has more picnic table areas than the other side of the park
  • Not sure we would be in compliance leaving the restroom as is
Can request the ADA Inspector to give us an opinion?
  • Would cost money (unknown at this time)
  • Both restrooms need a facelift in any case
  • Could apply for a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant to partially fund
    • Local Parks Grant – 50% City portion
    • The deadline for applications is October 1
    • We will have to get Council approval, then apply for next year
    • The staff has requested quotes to remodel restrooms and costs to remodel one and replace the other
To update
  • New roof (in poor condition)
  • Seal openings in the bottom of walls
  • New countertop, mirrors, add touchless flush toilets/urinals and sinks, new epoxy floor coating, open mid-section of walls all the way around to increase light and air, add heat-sensing fans in the ceiling, paint interior walls, add baby changing stations on each side
  • Paint exterior, possibly add rock skirting & metal exterior walls, or other treatment
Alternatives - Raymond Rimkus Park Restrooms
Alt 1 Restroom Alt 3 Restroom
Alt 2 Restroom Alt 4 Restroom
  • Two best selling models are the 202 and 312 - will accommodate either 90 or 180 users per hour respectively
  • In addition to being fully compliant with all Local, State, and Federal requirements, including full ADA compliance, they have “smart building” technology:
    • Tankless water heaters
    • Tamper-resistant fixtures
  • Remote functions:
    • Lock / Unlock
    • Water / Electrical shut down or turn on
    • Daily scheduling
    • Event tracking
  • Alerts:
    • Freeze (automatic shutdown)
    • Uncontrolled water flow
    • Motion
    • Failure to lock/unlock