Public Works


Leon Valley has approximately 37 miles of dedicated street right-of-way, not including Bandera Road (SH 16) and Grissom Road (FM 471). These are owned and maintained by the State Texas Department of Highways and Transportation (TxDOT).  The existing street system was generally constructed initially by developers in 1965 and thereafter.  Public Works maintains these streets by following an annual street repair and maintenance program.  Attempts are made to repair and resurface each street every seven years while also addressing unsafe conditions during the year.

Speed Hump Installation Policy with Petition Form (English/Español)

Street Signage and Pavement Markings
It is the task of Public Works to erect and maintain the street signage in Leon Valley.  This includes the street name signs and the traffic control signs.  The City does maintain pavement markings at interscetions in the City.

Traffic Signals
Leon Valley owns two traffic signals - one located at Huebner at Evers and the other at Wurzbach and Exchange Parkway.  Traffic signal operations and synchronization along Bandera and Grissom Roads are the responsibility of TxDOT and the City of San Antonio. To report a signal malfunction or outage, or a malfunction of the synchronization in the system, please call (210) 207-8462.

There are several miles of paved or grass alleys in Leon Valley.  These serve as minor public streets by providing access for utilities.  They are also an important drainage system for the sloping lots.  Residents are required to maintain one-half of the alleys that abuts their property.

In addition to the street system, Leon Valley has an extensive system of mostly 4’ concrete sidewalks.  The developers also constructed these, with some extensions by the City in recent years.  Because of the age of the sidewalks with related cracking, Public Works performs repairs to sidewalks on a limited scale.  Public Works also causes new sidewalks to be constructed in the City in an annual limited extension program.

Street Lighting
Early in the history of Leon Valley, requests for neighborhood street lighting were addressed.  A program was adopted to allow input from affected residents.  Public Works administers this program of requests and input, and forwards the results to City Public Service for installation. Please note that, in order to gain approval of a street light request, the applicant must fill out a formal application and gain the consensus of their neighboring property owners. A street light may not be feasible in all cases, as this requires the granting of an easement, which may have to come from the alley towards the street. The application may be found under Forms and Docs under this website.

Please submit street light requests to Public Works at (210) 681-1232 and report your request for repair to CPS directly at (210) 353-2222. DOWNLOAD STREET LIGHT REQUEST FORM HERE