Public Works

Understanding Your Bill


1) Bill Summary

This area includes your account number, service address, service dates, amount due and payment due date. If you have an automatic draft (ACH) set up, you will see the following under the amount due after the 10th of the month- PD BY DRAFT

2) Current Meter Readings

These numbers represent your actual meter readings for this billing cycle.

3) Consumption

This number represents your current usage for this billing cycle. We bill in thousands of gallons, so add 2 zeros to the number you see here to get your consumption total. Ex. 50-5,000 gallons.

4) Rate Codes

These abbreviations detail your charges and are explained on the bottom right hand portion of your bill.

5) Current Bill Calculations

This area has a detailed breakdown of the charges used to calculate your total bill. Your water, Edwards Aquifer fee and water supply fee are all tied to your usage. The more water you use, the higher these charges will be.

For residential customers, your sewer rate is based on a winter average. During the months of November 15th through February 15th, we monitor your water usage and use it to set your sewer rate. Your new sewer rate becomes effective in March of every year and will remain the same until the following March, unless there is a rate increase. Commercial sewer users are charged based on their monthly water consumption. 

6) Special Messages

This area displays messages and information.

7) Bill Policies

Detailed information regarding due dates, penalties and payment options.

8) Bill Codes

Explanation of billing codes that can be found on the middle left hand portion of your water bill.