The City of Leon Valley Community Development Department is seeking volunteers to lend a hand in keeping public spaces clean. Any portion of the City's public right-of-way is eligible for adoption including parks, streets, community pools, parking lots, creeks and trails. Volunteers are required to agree to maintain the adopted space for up to one year with six (6) clean-ups minimum. Participants are required to report every other month on their clean-up and/or beautification activities so that the information may be used for various reports and analysis. An adopted space may be renewed upon request. The City of Leon Valley reserves the right to approve or disapprove a location.

Adopt-A-Spot Volunteers will receive:

  • A sign installed to identify their ownership of the adopted location
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Garbage bags
  • Safety vest and work gloves

All program requirements are strictly enforced. Adopt-A-Spot volunteers are required to notify the Community Development Department if they are unable to keep their adoption commitment. The spot will become eligible for someone else to adopt.

Areas are checked regularly by Public Works and Community Development staff. Volunteers will be notified if problems develop in their adopted area.

The City of Leon Valley appreciates the efforts of the community to keep spaces clean in the interest of public health and wellness. For additional information, please contact the Community Development Department at (210) 684-1391 ext. 226 or email

Adopt-A-Spot Brochure
Adopt-A-Spot Program Guidelines & Application

List of trees (all new planting MUST be approved by the City of Leon Valley)

Sample Sign